Digital Wallet Corporation’s 2023 Achievements and Highlights


The global COVID-19 pandemic brought an array of challenges for many around the globe, but 2023 was a big year filled with achievements and dreams becoming realities. Digital Wallet Corporation (DW) was able to thrive with resilience and innovation, showcasing its commitment to international communities and improving its services. Here’s a recap of the events and activities that defined Digital Wallet Corporation’s journey in 2023.

Strengthening Partnerships

DWC Partners with Lawson Bank
Digital Wallet Corporation solidified its standing as a key player in the financial landscape by establishing a strategic partnership with Lawson Bank. DWC’s fintech expertise is reflected in the highest number of transactions, which proved beneficial for both parties as well as the hardworking migrant workers in Japan.

Fostering Education and Empowering Youth

DW Hosts Internship Day for Foreign High School Students
Demonstrating a commitment to strengthening the international society, DW organized an Internship Day for foreign high school students. This initiative followed a generous donation to Katariba, a Japanese non-profit organization promoting diverse learning opportunities for children, ensuring a brighter future for the youth.

Bridging Cultures Through Philanthropy

Smiles IDN Starts Ramadan Donation Campaign with Bank BRI
Digital Wallet Corporation’s philanthropic efforts extended to the international stage with the launch of a Ramadan donation campaign in collaboration with Bank BRI through its Indonesian subsidiary, Smiles Mobile Remittance Indonesia.

Technological Advancements

Next-Generation Smiles App Launched
In response to customer feedback, DW unveiled the enhanced Smiles app, improving user experiences through advanced technology. The launch emphasized DW’s dedication to continuous improvement and user satisfaction.

Bills Payment Feature Launched for OFW
Digital Wallet’s Smiles Mobile Remittance introduced a high-tech feature enabling overseas Filipino workers (OFW) in Japan, Singapore and Canada to seamlessly send funds for paying bills and investments. Acknowledging that the OFW community works tirelessly to support their loved ones and their home country, Smiles made an effort to design its service so they can look forward to their bright futures.

Financial Stability and Expansion

Second Corporate Bond Issued by Mizuho Bank
Demonstrating financial stability, DW issued its second corporate bond through Mizuho Bank, reinforcing trust in the company’s financial profile.

Full Acquisition of AUB’s Remittance Service for Smiles Singapore
Digital Wallet Corporation successfully completed the full acquisition of Asia United Bank (AUB)’s former remittance service, RediMoney Express Pte Ltd, for its Smiles Mobile Remittance Singapore branch, marking a big move for expansion and growth in the financial sector.

Cultural Sponsorship and Community Engagement

Smiles Only Major Sponsor of Philippine Festival Tokyo 2023
Smiles Mobile Remittance was the exclusive major sponsor of the much-anticipated Philippine Festival Tokyo, reinforcing DWC’s mission to sustain the globe with its services.

Year 3 One Million Smiles Program
Hosting its third annual One Million Smiles Program, Smiles Mobile Remittance collaborated with customers to donate 100 holiday care packages to impoverished families in the Philippines, spreading joy over 100 days of Christmas.

DWC Attends Inauguration of First Islamic Boarding School for Indonesians in Japan
Digital Wallet Indonesia and its Smiles Mobile Remittance Indonesia Team, attended the historic inauguration of the first boarding school for Indonesians in Japan.

Digital Wallet’s Business Highlights

Smiles Mobile Remittance Canada’s 2023 Growth
Since its service launch in 2022, Smiles Mobile Remittance Canada experienced rapid growth, leading to extensive ground marketing activities and events aimed at connecting with Filipino communities.

Over 100 Ground Marketing Events Worldwide
Digital Wallet Corporation hosted over 100 ground marketing events, both big and small, contributing to the strengthening of international communities all over the globe. This 2024, its Smiles Mobile Remittance Teams are making big plans to connect with old and new communities to fulfill the company’s mission.

Overall, 2023 was a year of opportunities and growth for Digital Wallet Corporation, involving strategic partnerships, technological advancements and impactful social initiatives. As DWC continues to expand its global footprint, the company remains dedicated to sustaining and unifying the international society.

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