Smiles Mobile Remittance, Japan’s No.1 Service, Becomes Proud Major Sponsor of Philippine Festival 2023 in Tokyo to Contribute to Global Society after COVID-19


Tokyo, Japan, 4 September 2023 – Smiles Mobile Remittance, the most popular international mobile money transfer app in Japan and recipient of the esteemed Good Design Award 2021, is excited to announce that it will be the major sponsor of the Philippine Festival 2023

The Philippine Festival 2023, organized by the esteemed Philippine Assistance Group (PAG) Festival Committee in collaboration with the Embassy of the Philippines in Tokyo, will be holding the event at Yoyogi Park on Nov 25 and 26, 2023. 

The event stands as a celebration of Filipino heritage that unites thousands in appreciation of their shared culture. Ranging from authentic Filipino food stands to commercial service stalls, the event will have over 60 activity-filled booths.

As the primary and event’s first major sponsor of the festival, Smiles Mobile Remittance is planning to not only elevate the festival experience for attendees but also strengthen its promise of promoting international connections. This action is correlated with the mission of Digital Wallet Corporation, the developer and owner of Smiles, which is to strive for a peaceful and sustainable international society by utilizing its advanced and high-tech service.

“We are champions” – this year’s resonating theme for celebrating Smiles Mobile Remittance’s 7th year of operation echoes the collective spirit of the Filipino community. 

“This theme represents our celebrating and appreciating all customers who have overcome difficulties during the COVID-19 pandemic,” said Smiles Mobile Remittance CEO and Founder Eiji Miyakawa. “We see that each and every person has been a champion in their respective lives for their families, friends, businesses and/or home countries.” 

Despite one of the worst pandemics to affect the current generation, overseas Filipinos remain the steady source of economic growth and stability of the Philippine economy through their remittances. The amount of remittances sent by OFWs even grew during the pandemic. The Filipino traits – love for their families, “Bayanihan,” Filipino humor, resilience and hospitality are hallmarks of the distinctiveness of the “Pinoy” spirit which correlate with year 7’s “We are champions.”

Smiles proudly embraces this philosophy, supporting the belief that each customer is a champion, contributing to a stronger global society. 

Distinguished by its deep-rooted engagement in cultural and philanthropic endeavors, Smiles Mobile Remittance is thrilled to present an immersive experience at the event. Attendees can anticipate an engaging and interactive Smiles booth, showcasing an array of activities that reflect the mission and year 7’s tagline.

The collective proceeds from these sponsorships will serve as more than just a stimulus for the event’s success; they will also transform into contributions that offer aid to Filipinos in Japan. This support extends to urgent needs, including repatriating the remains of those departed, offering assistance to distressed Filipinos under the care of the Philippine Embassy, and extending a helping hand during times of hardship, such as calamities affecting the Philippines. 

This is another strong reason why Smiles decided to become the major sponsor. Its company’s mission is always to create a peaceful and sustainable international society by taking action.

As the event concludes, Smiles Mobile Remittance’s commitment to global unity will continue, aiming to improve the lives of international citizens through its high-tech services and life-changing activities.

Join Smiles Mobile Remittance towards the end of November at Yoyogi Park, as the service and The Philippine Festival unite to create an unforgettable celebration of Filipino culture, unity, and global companionship.

“The Smiles Team appreciates having such an opportunity to become the major sponsor to bring respect and further contribution to all the champions at this event,” said Mr Miyakawa.

For more information about the festival, visit the Philippine Festival 2023 website.

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