Digital Wallet hosts Internship Day for Foreign High School Students in Japan


Tokyo, Japan – On Feb. 15, 2023, Digital Wallet Corporation teamed with NPO KATARIBA, a Japanese non-profit organization that has invested all of its proceeds in building bright futures for teenagers in Japan since 2001, to host Internship Day for the NPO’s students.

12 foreign high school students were partnered with Digital Wallet team members to work on a day project. 

The event aimed to primarily help the students nearing high school graduation explore their career choices by experiencing projects in a work environment and collaborating with adults. They had the opportunity to choose from 6 different courses from various departments, including UI Design, marketing and video production.

katariba students internship day digital wallet

“I think I was able to confirm my will and have confidence,” said one of the students. “I was able to learn about the experiences of the people working there, compare them with my own, and think about how I want to live my life.”

katariba students internship day digital wallet

After each internship project was finished, students gathered to present their work to each other and reflected on their experiences. This helped them widen their perspectives and gain a better understanding of how to find their talents and skills for their career path.

A student who had the opportunity to work on a UI project said, “I only knew about UI as a concept but after the tangible experience and receiving positive and constructive feedback from working professionals, I think I want to see if I can pursue this career.”

Another student added, “at first, I didn’t really know what I was going to do, but I really enjoyed the experience, so from now on, even if I don’t know what will happen, I want to continue to seize various experiences and opportunities.”

Digital Wallet’s strengths are cultivated in a globally diverse environment, and the company believes that young international students will become indispensable for global peace. 

“Every day, we are witnessing many people working hard to help their families and home countries. Our team consists of 12 nationalities and all are serious about creating a better and more peaceful international society,” said Digital Wallet Founder and CEO Eiji Miyakawa. “The initiative we kickstarted with NPO KATARIBA is part of the crystallization of our motivation to help more young international citizens in the future.”

Teaching the youthful generation and helping them gain confidence in the future has been a fruitful experience and the company hopes to do similar activities.

To learn more about NPO KATARIBA, visit their English website here.

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