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Smiles Mobile Remittance will be available in the US!

Smiles Mobile Remittance started in 2017 in order to create an enhanced and sustainable society for international citizens coming from Asian countries like the Philippines, Vietnam, Indonesia, Nepal and India.

Smiles Mobile Remittance’s purpose has always been to serve users, their families and their home countries since our team members are also international citizens from APAC countries.

Over the years, people have been sending strong requests to reach out and serve the family and friends of Smiles Mobile Remittance users in the US, so we made the decision to support them in the US.

Smiles Mobile Remittance is developed by dedicated engineering and customer support teams from many APAC countries which all are established from ground zero by our hard-working teams. We have direct and strong mutual bonds with major banks in Asia that realize the importance of fast and services with excellent exchange rates.

Based on our stable and unique business platform, Smiles Mobile Remittance has become the number one mobile global money transfer service in Japan and received the 2021 Good Design Award. Now, it’s time for the US to enjoy the many benefits of Smiles Mobile Remittance; for them to live a better life. Everything we do is to help spread Smiles Mobile Remittance across the miles.

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We strive to provide our customers…

HIGH exchange rates

HIGH exchange

HIGH exchange rates

RAPID cash pickup
REAL-TIME sending

HIGH exchange rates

FAST & RELIABLE 24/7 support team

HIGH exchange rates

Unique loyalty points program



Smiles across the miles

Our purpose is to spread smiles across the miles by helping our customers and their loved ones live a fulfilling and sustainable life using Smiles Mobile Remittance.


Digital Wallet US LLC is an advanced AI and fintech company that strives to serve migrants workers with sustainable services and help them send money to their loved ones quickly and conveniently.

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In Tokyo, Japan,
The Digital Wallet Group started out as a seed in 2014, planted in an environment that focused on growing a business to provide premium financial services accessible to everyone. Our roots came from an accomplished team of engineers and designers from the Sony Group digital service department and eventually, the family grew with professionals from various fields who have developed and managed global cloud services.

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Three years later, in 2017,
The Digital Wallet Group developed a solution known as Smiles Mobile Remittance, which has now become NUMBER ONE in Japan and received the 2021 Good Design Award. Other than the common traditional money transfer methods like wire-transferring or cash pick-up from brick-and-mortar remittance branches, Digital Wallet US LLC aims to bring another option to the industry by introducing a money transfer method through the Smiles Mobile Remittance smartphone application.

The entrance of the digital wallet

Our Board of Directors

Eiji Miyakawa
Eiji Miyakawa
Chairman & CEO
  • Former Sony Corporation General Manager in Global Cloud Platform Development and Management Department
  • Launched FeliCa Networks as a joint venture company with NTT DoCoMo
  • Successful in developing and introducing the Mobile NFC and electronic money in Japan, Europe and United States
  • Founder of Digital Wallet Group
  • Licensed Lawyer in Japan
Manuel Arnaldo
Manuel Arnaldo
  • Former President & CEO of PNB Remittance Canada
  • Former COO of PNB Remittance Centers Inc. in the US
  • Experienced Remittance professional for over 30 years
  • Focused on growth through Customer Service and Customer Satisfaction
  • Always developing new and innovative methods to make money transfers affordable and faster
 Alex Rapi Milan
Alex Rapi Milan
  • Former Europe Managing Director of Philippine National Bank and officer of the European region
  • Responsible for global banking services all across the globe with long-standing banking and financial exposures and experiences
  • Financial-service professional who has been involved in global money transfer services for many years


LOCATION 201 Spear St., Suite 1100, San Francisco, CA 94105
Chairman & CEO
Eiji Miyakawa
Manuel Arnaldo
Alex Rapi Milan
MSB License Maryland – Money Transmitter License – 2320469
New Jersey – Foreign Money Transmitter – 2205464 C21
Florida – Money Services Businesses Part II – FT230000429
Arizona – Money Transmitter – MT 1043096
Company NMLS ID: 2320469
License application on going for the following states:

– California
– Illinois
– Texas
– Washinton


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