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At Digital Wallet, we’ve developed a determined FinTech company that has used our expertise to carefully craft and develop a reliable and life-changing money transfer service.

Being a family-centered company, the purpose of our business is to maintain trustworthy, fair and advanced financial services to our customers around the globe.

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We strive to provide easy-to-use, multilingual and highest quality of services to migrants and expatriates living abroad, in order to strengthen the connection to their loved ones. We understand that money received by families reflects emotions, hopes and dreams.

That’s why we believe that when people send money, they’re not just sending numbers, but instead, sending their deepest appreciation to family, friends and partners across the globe.

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In Tokyo, Japan,
Digital Wallet started out as a seed in 2014, planted in an environment that focused on growing a business to provide premium financial services accessible to everyone. Our roots came from an accomplished team of engineers and designers from the Sony Group digital service department and eventually, the family grew with professionals from various fields who have developed and managed global cloud services.

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Three years later, in 2017,
Digital Wallet crafted a solution known as Smiles. Other than the common traditional money transfer methods like wire-transferring or cash pick-up from brick-and-mortar remittance branches, Digital Wallet Canada aims to bring another option to the industry by introducing a money transfer method through the Smiles Mobile Remittance application.

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Our Board of Directors

Eiji Miyakawa
Eiji Miyakawa
Founder & CEO
  • Former Sony Corporation General Manager in Global Cloud Platform Development and Management Department
  • Launched FeliCa Networks as a joint venture company with NTT DoCoMo
  • Successful in developing and introducing the Mobile NFC and electronic money in Japan, Europe and United States
  • Resigned from Sony and founded Digital Wallet Corp
  • Licensed lawyer
Manuel Arnaldo
Manuel Arnaldo
Resident Director & President
  • Former President & CEO of PNB Remittance Canada
  • Former COO of PNB Remittance Centers Inc. in the US
  • Experienced Remittance professional for over 30 years
  • Focused on growth through Customer Service and Customer Satisfaction
  • Always developing new and innovative methods to make money transfers affordable and faster
 Alex Rapi Milan
Alex Rapi Milan
Director & Executive Vice President
  • Former Europe Managing Director of Philippine National Bank and officer of the European region
  • Responsible for global banking services all across the globe with long-standing banking and financial exposures and experiences
  • Financial-service professional who has been involved in global money transfer services for many years


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Born in Tokyo, Japan in 2017 and raised globally, Digital Wallet Corporation combined the powers of Artificial Intelligence (AI) and Financial Technology (FinTech) and carefully crafted and developed a reliable and life-changing money transfer service known as, “Smiles.” Smiles Remittance has a fully functional phone application to instantly make remittances and provides convenient deposits from well-known local banks.



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Send with Love

At Smiles, we cherish and hold globalism true to our hearts as we advance further into the global FinTech world. Furthermore, as we emphasized before, we believe that people send money to send their deepest appreciation to family, friends and partners across the globe.

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We strive to provide our customers…

HIGH exchange rates

HIGH exchange rates

HIGH exchange rates


HIGH exchange rates

FAST & RELIABLE 24/7 service

HIGH exchange rates

Unique loyalty POINTS program

Smiles Across the Miles

Now that we’ve landed an opportunity to expand in Canada, we are thrilled to offer a premium money transfer service accessible to everyone. That way, people can, likewise, send their love to those they care about all over the globe.

A family smiling looking at one smartphone screen in the room

We strive to provide our customers…

Tori is the mascot for Smiles. The founder, Eiji Miyakawa, was inspired by the idea of birds migrating and travelling long journeys away from home to find a better environment to live. From that, he developed Smiles to provide aid to those who migrate far from their homes to work and care for their families and loved ones and provide better living conditions for them.
As a result, Tori came to life to represent the company and its purpose.

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Join the Smiles Family for FREE by downloading the app & signing up!

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COMPANY NAME Digital Wallet Canada Limited
LOCATION 153 Gloucester Dr., Harrow, Ontario
Chairman & CEO
Eiji Miyakawa
Resident Director & President
Manuel Arnaldo
Director & Executive Vice President
Alex Rapi Milan
LICENSE REGISTRATION Remittance Service License by the Financial
Transactions and Reports Analysis Centre of Canada
Organization Number: 156241