Smiles Mobile Remittance Philippines Continues 3rd Annual “One Million Smiles” Program, Inviting the Global Community to “Share Smiles”


Tokyo, Japan – Smiles Mobile Remittance, the most popular mobile money transfer service in Japan and Good Design Award 2021 recipient, and its Philippines team are thrilled to announce the return of its highly anticipated “One Million Smiles” program for the third consecutive year. With this heartwarming initiative, Smiles aims to spread joy and support the Filipino community while promoting a global bond among Overseas Filipino Workers (OFWs) worldwide.

Building upon the success of the previous two years, Smiles is proud to continue this program and take it a step further by inviting all Filipino customers from its operating countries: Canada, Singapore and Japan.

Key Highlights from the Program:

Supporting 100 Families: As part of this year’s program, Smiles Philippines will once again join hands with customers to donate to a selected 100 impoverished family recipients from the poorest sector of the Philippines. This charitable effort is accomplished in coordination with the office of the Mayor in Plaridel Bulacan, where the Digital Wallet Philippines office is located.

Early Christmas Food Packages (Ayuda): In the true spirit of Christmas, Smiles Mobile Remittance Philippines Team, together with its dedicated community of Smilers, will donate early Christmas food packages (Ayuda) to the 100 needy families in the Philippines.

Lucky Donor of the Day: To make the initiative even more engaging, Smiles Philippines will select a lucky Smiles “Donor of the Day” from remitters who sent money the previous day, starting from September 15, 2023. Every day at 6 p.m. JST, a donor will be raffled, and the event will be live-streamed through the Smiles Mobile Remittance Philippines Facebook page.

Sharing and Capturing Global Joy: The selected “Donor of the Day” will represent Smiles and hand over the donated Christmas food packages to the recipients. These heartwarming moments will be captured through photos and videos by the Philippine Team and shared with all Smilers through Smiles’ social media channels, including Facebook, YouTube, and the official website.

Hope in Challenging Times: In the wake of the ongoing pandemic, Smiles aims to bring hope and relief to the families who have been most affected.

Smiles Mobile Remittance invites all its valued customers from Japan, Singapore, Canada, and around the world to join in this heartwarming endeavor. Together, let us embark on a 100-day journey to share smiles on Christmas Day.

Last Year’s Success:

Reflecting on last year’s program, which was based around its tagline “Share Our Smiles,” Smiles Mobile Remittance CEO and Founder, Eiji Miyakawa, expressed his gratitude for the overwhelming support: “I can’t thank our loyal and hardworking customers as well as our team for making such an impact on the Filipino community. It feels rewarding to take physical action to help those in need.”

The program’s success and the positive impact it had on the lives of the recipients and the OFW community have fueled Smiles’ determination to make this an annual tradition.

“Compared to previous years of our program only occurring in Japan, we are excited that this time we can include our global community to fulfill our company mission,” said Mr Miyakawa.

For more information about this year’s “One Million Smiles” program, please follow the Smiles Mobile Remittance Philippines Facebook page.

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