Smiles Sponsors Peru Festival, Sound ID Festival in Japan July 2022


Nagoya, Japan – Digital Wallet Corporation sponsored the Peru Festival through Smiles Mobile Remittance Latinoamérica last July 30 and 31. Also in the midst of the heat last July 31, Smiles was one of the major sponsors of an Indonesian music festival in Japan known as Sound ID Festival. 

The Peru Festival was organized by the Nagoya Club Social Organization, and it’s the first Latin American event that the Smiles Latin America Team attended. The sponsorship of the event included Smiles, Seven Bank as well as Western Union

Thousands of participants were estimated to have attended the event. While many vendors showed off their authentic food such as anticucho, ceviche, lomo saltado, several artists also performed Latin American music.

smiles peru festival 2022

Occurring around the same time as the Peru Festival, the Sound ID Festival took place and showed off its Indonesian beats. Different artists and groups performed at the festival.

As the world is gradually reconnecting, Smiles Mobile Remittance looks forward to maintaining and creating strong relationships with many communities around the world. The past couple of opportunities have helped Smiles create connections with new and current customers and spread smiles across the miles.

Smiles Teams look forward to attending and sponsoring more events in the future. 

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