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We developed and own Smiles Mobile Remittance, known as the most popular global mobile money transfer service in Japan.


Smiles strives to offer an advanced and convenient platform for overseas workers to send money to their loved ones.

Our Service

Technology that changes lifestyles of international citizens

  • trust digital wallet fintech
    We’re highly trusted by major banks. Our advanced fintech guarantees security.
  • major bank connections
    Our strong, direct connections with major Asian banks enable real-time remittances.

Trust our advanced tech team

Digital Wallet team members have rich backgrounds in the technology field. Some of our members are former employees of Sony Corporation and others used to work for global cloud services as expert engineers and designers.


We’re proud of our team as they also are passionate to help Digital Wallet strengthen the global economy with fintech and AI.

Our achievements

fintech global 97.5% Global repeat ratio
money transfer 200+* Countries to send
cash pickup locations 400K Cash pickup locations

*Only applies to those who send money from Japan

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Our goal is to make the global economy sustainable for all countries and their people.

With our service, we are taking action through



Maintaining a reliable service

Diversity & inclusion



We're growing globally

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