Smiles Sponsors Indonesia Fujieda Festival, Supports Badminton Competition Aug 2022


Shizuoka/Gunma, Japan – Digital Wallet Corporation sends the Smiles Mobile Remittance Indonesia Team to sponsor a major event on Aug. 28, 2022, known as Indonesia Fujieda Festival, in Shizuoka, Japan. Last Aug. 21, 2022, Smiles Indonesia supported the IMO Gunma Men’s Double Badminton Cup 2022.

Indonesia Fujieda Festival was organized by the Indonesian Kenshusei Forum (IKF), one of the biggest Indonesian trainee communities in Japan. Smiles Indonesia has developed a close relationship with many trainee communities in Japan as well as in Indonesia. 

Last week, Aug. 27, the Smiles Indonesia Team met the trainees in Semarang, Central Java, Indonesia who were preparing for their move to Japan. It was an ideal way for Smiles to help those who need any form of assistance, especially with supporting their loved ones financially in Indonesia.

Smiles trainees Indonesia

The Indonesia Fujieda Festival gathered many people to celebrate Indonesia’s day of independence with a flag ceremony, traditional dance and music performances and fun sporting competitions like tug-of-war.

The Festival turned out to be a success with participants and Smiles Indonesia was able to strengthen more relationships within the Indonesian community in Japan.

Another event that helped Smiles Indonesia connect with the Indonesian community in Japan was the IMO Gunma Men’s Double Badminton Cup 2022. It was organized by the Istiqomah Muslim Oizumi (IMO), an Islamic organization.

As Indonesians were the only ones watching and supporting the competition, it was an ideal way for the community to connect on a deeper level.

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