New SIM Service Enters Japan’s MVNO Market: Smiles Connect


Offering Convenient and Affordable SIM Plans for Hardworking Migrant Workers in Japan

TOKYO, Japan, 2 July 2024 – Digital Wallet Solutions Corporation (DWS), a subsidiary of Digital Wallet Corporation (DWC), a rapidly growing Japanese global fintech company, proudly announced the launch of its new MVNO service, “Smiles Connect,” in Japan on July 1, 2024. Starting from this date, everyone will be able to order SIM plans directly from Japan’s “Absolute No.1 Smiles Mobile Remittance” app, developed and owned by DWC.

Smiles Connect had its soft launch and ribbon-cutting ceremony at the Philippine Expo on June 7, 2024, but now it is opening its doors to the public in hopes that many migrant workers in Japan can stay connected with their loved ones.

Many loyal Smiles Mobile Remittance customers, who are also migrant workers, have requested a reliable and affordable internet connectivity service. In response, Digital Wallet introduced Smiles Connect to help them share moments and connect with their loved ones far away. This new service aims to alleviate their stresses and help them move forward to better and more peaceful lives.

With a diverse and friendly customer support team, Smiles Connect aims to provide a reliable service to its target customers. Understanding the challenges foreigners face when obtaining a credit card, Smiles Connect will not require credit card payment in the first phase. Customers can easily deposit into their Smiles Wallet through three convenient methods: QR code at any Seven Bank ATM, online bank transfer, and the Smiles Card at over 70,000 ATMs across the country. After the Wallet is funded, the service will automatically deduct the invoiced amount.

To order Smiles Connect, customers must register and verify their Smiles Mobile Remittance account and then order directly from the app. Managing both Smiles Connect and Smiles Mobile Remittance accounts in one app is highly convenient, especially for those who wish to support their families overseas via remittances and stay connected with them at the same time.

“Smiles Connect addresses the unique challenges faced by foreigners in Japan, such as credit checks and identity verification. This service enhances our mission to support the lives of over 6 million anticipated foreign residents in Japan,” said Digital Wallet CEO and Founder Eiji Miyakawa. “We are deeply grateful for our partners’ support and are committed to creating another vital lifeline for international citizens in Japan.”

Digital Wallet’s journey began with a heartfelt mission: to maintain peace within the international society with its services. For over eight years, the company has enabled hardworking migrant workers to support their loved ones abroad financially. With over 60 percent of its team members being foreigners, the company understands the struggles that migrant workers experience, especially when it comes to maintaining connections with loved ones back in their home countries.

Smiles Mobile Remittance is highly rated as the number one global mobile money transfer service in Japan and was the recipient of the Good Design Award in 2021. Additionally, Smiles acquired the Seven Eleven Group’s remittance service, partnering with Seven Bank. This partnership makes Smiles Japan’s largest ATM network, providing customers access to over 77,000 ATMs for remittances and deposits into their Smiles Wallet accounts.

Digital Wallet has a strong history of supporting unity and peace among international communities in Japan. The company has actively participated in and passionately supported numerous intercultural festivals. By showcasing its presence at cultural events, Digital Wallet aims to celebrate, unite and bring peace within the Vietnamese, Filipino, Indonesian, Latino, and Nepali communities in Japan.

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About Digital Wallet Corporation

Digital Wallet was established in 2014 by former Sony designers and engineers as well as employees who developed global cloud services. The company had visions to excel in and provide B2B application services as well as a remittance service. In 2017, Digital Wallet combined the powers of Artificial Intelligence (AI) and Financial Technology (FinTech) and used their expertise to carefully craft and develop a service that helps overseas workers support their loved ones by offering high rates, low fees, excellent customer service, and real-time speed through Smiles Mobile Remittance. Smiles has made great achievements such as becoming Japan’s number one global money transfer service and receiving the prestigious 2021 Good Design Award. Digital Wallet hopes to make an impact on the world by uniting international communities all over the globe with its services and bringing peace to all nations. For more information, please visit the following links:

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About Smiles Connect

Established in June 2024, Smiles Connect is an MVNO service in Japan that provides migrant workers with reliable and affordable SIM plans to help them share moments and smiles with their loved ones far away. Inspired by customer requests from Japan’s No.1 Smiles Mobile Remittance service, the service is designed to alleviate stresses when it comes to finding the right SIM plan, especially for a foreigner. With over half of our team being foreigners, we created Smiles Connect to support their journey and ensure they remain connected with their families, no matter the distance.

Smiles Connect:

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