New Affiliation with Nepal Investment Bank Ltd. (NIBL)


Digital Wallet is thrilled to announce the new partnership with Nepal Investment Bank Ltd. (NIBL)

On the auspicious occasion of the Nepali New Year 2078 (B.S.), Digital Wallet Corporation (Tokyo, Japan), which has been providing real-time bank deposits and same-day cash pick-up remittance services to Nepal, created ties with one of the leading commercial banks of Nepal: Nepal Investment Bank Ltd. Stunningly, Smiles Mobile Remittance will be the only remittance company in Japan having the largest number of cash pick-up locations ever in Nepal. The remitters from Japan to Nepal using Smiles Mobile Remittance will be able to enjoy sending money to their beneficiaries anytime & anywhere.

About Nepal Investment Bank Ltd. (NIBL)

Nepal Investment Bank Ltd. (NIBL), previously known as Nepal Indosuez Bank Ltd., was established in 1986 as a joint venture between Nepalese and French partners. The French partner (holding 50% of the capital of NIBL) was Credit Agricole Indosuez, a subsidiary of one of the largest banking groups in the world. Later in 2002, a group of Nepalese companies comprising of bankers, professionals, industrialists and businessmen acquired Credit Agricole Indosuez’s 50% shareholding of Nepal Indosuez Bank Ltd. Accordingly, the name of the bank changed to Nepal Investment Bank Ltd. Currently, the bank’s shareholding pattern is as follows: promoters with 69% and the general public with 31%. With a team of experienced bankers and professionals with proven track records, NIBL believes in offering the best of what its customers seek.

About Prithivi Remit

Prithivi Remit is an internet-based money transfer product introduced by Nepal Investment Bank Ltd. It’s accessible to its branches and provides domestic as well as international agents. It ensures prompt money delivery to beneficiaries. Prithivi Remit is monitored and serviced by NIBL Remittance Department to deliver fast and reliable service.v

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