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Digital Wallet Corporation’s B2B sector presents mobileDMP (mobile data management platform), a premium mobile application development service to businesses that need a way to improve their customer experience.

The mobileDMP service initially started out only as a DMP (data management platform) in 2018 by Digital Wallet’s in-house technology team. Some members had many years of experience working for Sony Corporation, a multinational Japanese manufacturer of cutting-edge electronics. Other members have years of experience in designing technology and maintaining global cloud services.

Before DMP came to life, the tech team initially developed Smiles Mobile Remittance in 2017, which is now ranked as the number one mobile money transfer service in Japan. Smiles also received the prestigious Good Design Award 2021, which judges the functionality and design of a product.

Once DMP entered the market, projects were negotiated with large Japanese retailers, one of which is AEON Group, one of the largest retail groups in Asia with over 80 billion USD in sales. 

A nationwide pharmacy group, and the fourth largest group business, is another client that requested an advanced platform for their company. Eventually, additional projects were signed by many other companies.

mobiledmp screen features example
mobiledmp screen features example
mobiledmp screen features example
mobiledmp screen features example

Leveling up from DMP, mobileDMP offers a variety of state-of-the-art features when it comes to enhancing the technical side of a business. It has a strong grasp of processing and analyzing data in real time. 

In contrast to DMP, mobileDMP allows companies to interact with the platform simply on a smartphone so the data can be viewed anytime, anywhere. This will eliminate the time needed to access normal data on a desktop.

mobileDMP is also an ideal way to allow companies to connect with customers. Based on our tech team’s analysis, businesses can effectively create customer relationships by using a mobileDMP to determine how certain customer groups can receive special treatment like discounts. 

Users can also easily analyze data using mobileDMP to enhance how they market their products and/or services to customers. It’s easily accessible and simple to use.

mobileDMP is fully equipped to implement a backend system, solid infrastructure, user-friendly interface, content management system and more.

A successful project that helped Digital Wallet become more confident in mobileDMP mainly focused on data analyzing to transform the DX of a client. 

The in-house tech team was able to utilize the data with in-house personnel, which was helpful for in-house DX production. In the past, even if it was in-house data, it was costly and time-consuming to ask external vendors to extract and analyze the data.

In order to narrow down the target and distribute discounts, which had been distributed in large quantities to everyone, sales promotion costs were reduced. 

As a result, by providing maximum support for customers’ own data utilization and providing low-cost and sustainable digital marketing, customer DX was transformed.

“We have 8 years of professional experience with mega retail chains with over tens of millions of customers. I’m confident that mobileDMP‘s affordability and advanced features will open doors to all businesses for a digital transformation,” says Eiji Miyakawa, founder and Chief Executive Officer of Digital Wallet.

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