Digital Wallet x Japan Post Bank: The One Million Yen Remittance Card


Digital Wallet Corporation (Tokyo, Japan) – the No.1 mobile international remittance service in Japan, is pleased to announce the release of its One Million Yen Remittance Card in partnership with Japan Post Bank. The new remittance card will enable its users to transfer up to one million yen per transaction using any of the more than 31,200 Japan Post Bank ATM locations nationwide.

Digital Wallet’s 1 Million Yen Remittance Card

The new remittance card, known as Smiles Premium Card, will be programmed with the beneficiary’s account information for ease of use, without the need of the mobile app. Once the deposit has been confirmed, the remittance system of Digital Wallet will process the remittance request and the remittance can be received at the destination country within 15 minutes. The Smiles Premium Card can be requested using the mobile APP starting August 11th.

Digital Wallet Visualisation

The front of the card features the unique Smiles’ original stripe design. The back of the card has a gold-base color which provides the premium ownership.

About Mobile Remittance App: SMILES

Smiles Mobile Remittance is the leading mobile international money transfer service in Japan. Smiles Mobile Remittance is developed by its in-house engineers and professionals by utilizing unique AI and Fintech technology.  Smiles Mobile Remittance provide services that can be accessed from smartphone anytime, anywhere. Customers will be able to send money transfers to any of the 150,000 locations in 157 countries worldwide.

About Digital Wallet Corporation

Digital Wallet Corporation is an IT company utilizing a virtual wallet platform and AI technology. Digital Wallet is committed to serve its customers by creating new lifestyle and financial services using virtual Smiles Wallet. As an e-wallet service that supports the bonds of families of its global users, Digital Wallet shall continue to support and further enrich the lives of its customers.

Digital Wallet Corporation

  • Location: 1-15-12, Kudankita, Chiyoda-ku, Tokyo, Japan
  • Representative: Eiji Miyakawa
  • Founded in November 2014
  • Capital: 50 million yen
  • Business: Providing electronic wallet services, developing cloud and mobile systems

Remittance Service Licensed by Kanto Local Financial Bureau, Registration Number 00044.

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