Digital Wallet Enters Canada Market; Introduces Smiles Remittance Service For Canadians


Canada/Tokyo, Japan, 14 February 2022 – Japan-based Global IT and fintech company Digital Wallet Group (DWG) has officially launched Smiles Mobile Remittance, the group’s international money transfer app, in the Canadian market. DWG’s subsidiary, Digital Wallet Corporation (DWC), is the developer and owner of Japan’s most popular international mobile remittance application, Smiles Mobile Remittance (Smiles). This launch will allow DWG to expand its Smiles service from the Asia Pacific region to the Western Hemisphere.

Smiles was awarded the esteemed 2021 Good Design Award along with major brands like Panasonic, Sony, and Toyota. The award is a testament to the app’s functionality and design that will help customers in Canada to send their money conveniently in real-time anytime, anywhere.

DWG’s Canadian subsidiary, Digital Wallet Canada Limited (DWCL) will be managing Smiles in Canada and help introduce it to the market since the service has already become a huge success in the Asia Pacific region serving its largest demographic: the Filipinos.

DWC Director and EVP Alex Milan, an Overseas Filipino Worker (OFW) says, “I have been an OFW since 1981 and over the years, the aspirations and challenges of a migrant worker remain the same. This is the reason why we want to provide for the needs of migrant workers in Canada and their families back home. At the same time, we want to create a better and more stable future for them.”

Sending money overseas is becoming a growing activity and it has helped DWG realize that it’s ready to bring its advanced remittance service to customers in Canada. 

DWG will give its future customers in Canada the most advanced and high-quality technology, convenient platform, the highest exchange rates, and a way to save money by using their loyalty points program to cover the transaction fee. 

Customers can choose from a selection of major banks around the world that are partners with Digital Wallet. Multiple payout options are offered such as bank crediting or cash pickup in thousands of locations across the country.

“Our ultimate goal is to spread smiles across the miles by helping our customers and their loved ones live a fulfilling and sustainable life using Smiles Mobile Remittance,” says CEO and Founder Eiji Miyakawa, “and now it’s time for Canada to enjoy the benefits of our service.”  

About Digital Wallet Group & Digital Wallet Corporation 

Digital Wallet Group (DWG) is the holding entity of Japan-based fintech company Digital Wallet Corporation (DWC), the developer of digital remittance platform Smiles Mobile Remittance (Smiles). Using artificial intelligence, big data and mobile technology, DWC offers global money transfer and payment services, digital wallet, and mobile marketing. DWG operates in the Philippines through the acquisition of Speed Money Transfer Philippines, Inc. The Group’s network of banks spans the Philippines, Vietnam, Indonesia, Nepal, and Singapore. Visit us at and follow us on LinkedIn.  

About Smiles Mobile Remittance 

Smiles Mobile Remittance (Smiles) was launched by Digital Wallet Corporation (DWC) in 2017 and is Japan’s first and most popular mobile overseas money transfer service with over 2 million mobile application downloads. Secured by advanced technologies such as artificial intelligence and facial recognition, users can enjoy greater convenience, better value and efficient services. Smiles is the only financial platform offering mobile remittances with an integrated loyalty and referral program in Japan. It has recently won the esteemed 2021 Good Design Award in Japan.

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App name: Smiles Mobile Remittance

Available Device/OS: Android/iOS

Download on:   Google Play  iTunes App Store  

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Public Relations Department, Digital Wallet Corporation 

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