Smiles Canada Philippines Team Joins the 2023 Mosaic – A Festival of Cultures


Regina, Saskatchewan, Canada – Digital Wallet Corporation’s Smiles Mobile Remittance Canada Philippines Team proudly sponsored and participated in the 2023 Mosaic – A Festival of Cultures organized by the Philippine Association of Saskatchewan, Regina Corp. The event took place on June 2 and 3 in Saskatchewan, attracting a diverse crowd.


As part of the festival, the Philippine Pavilion, hosted by the Philippine Association of Saskatchewan, stood out as the most visited pavilion among the 17 participating nations. With daily visitor numbers of around 4,000, the Pavilion became a place of cultural exchange and celebration.

The highlight of the event was the performances by the Maharlika dance troupe, showcasing various traditional Philippine dances. The audience was fascinated by the dancers’ graceful execution of dances like “Pandango sa ilaw,” where performers skillfully balanced lighted candles on their heads and hands. However, the most applauded performance was the “sayaw sa banko,” in which dancers showcased their skills by dancing on top of long chairs. 

In addition to the captivating dance presentations, visitors were treated to a journey through Filipino cuisine. The aroma of noodles, spring rolls, and lechon filled the air as guests indulged in delicious delicacies while immersing themselves in the rich cultural experience of the Philippine Pavilion.

Smiles Mobile Remittance Canada Philippines Team’s sponsorship of the event further emphasized their commitment to promoting cultural diversity and maintaining meaningful connections within the community. By supporting the 2023 Mosaic  – A Festival of Cultures, Smiles Canada Philippines showcased its dedication to preserving and sharing the vibrant heritage of the Philippines.

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