SUGI Pharmacy Group invites Digital Wallet Corporation to Sponsor Football Club Kariya Team to Promote International Unity in Japan


Tokyo, Japan, 5 February 2024 – Digital Wallet Corporation (DWC) and SUGI Pharmacy Group (SUGI) are pleased to announce their partnership as they join the sponsorship pool for the Football Club Kariya (FC Kariya), a move aimed at community integration and promoting international unity. The collaboration reflects the shared commitment of DWC, SUGI, and FC Kariya to create a harmonious environment by bringing together diverse communities through the universal language of soccer.

Established in 2006, FC Kariya has become a symbol of civic pride, rising from its roots as the Denso Soccer Club. As a citizen soccer club, FC Kariya has received widespread support, developing from a corporate club to a civic group with the support of passionate citizens and dedicated volunteers.

The team’s mission focuses on sharing the spirit of connectivity and passion for soccer that defines their journey. FC Kariya, currently competing in the Tokai Adult Soccer League Division One, is diligently working towards the goal of joining the prestigious Japan League (J League) in the future.

DWC, the owner and developer of Japan’s number one global mobile money transfer service, Smiles Mobile Remittance, sees this sponsorship as an opportunity to align with FC Kariya’s mission and fulfill its commitment to maintaining peace and strengthening unity among the international society. By supporting FC Kariya, DWC aims to contribute to the team’s aspirations while reinforcing their shared values.

SUGI Pharmacy Group, a major player in the drugstore-with-prescription-dispensary business category with over 1450 outlets across Japan, is excited to be part of this initiative, as they share similar values as Digital Wallet Corporation to strengthen the international community.

The collaboration extends beyond the field, as FC Kariya, DWC, and SUGI Pharmacy aspire to expand their community outreach to Vietnamese, Indonesian, and other foreign communities in the area. The soccer team serves as a way to strengthen the bonds between different nationalities, nurturing relationships and understanding.

“As Digital Wallet nears its tenth anniversary, we are seeking more opportunities to fulfill our company mission,” said DWC Founder and CEO Eiji Miyakawa, “and when one of our close partners, SUGI, reached out to us about this sponsorship, we knew this was our calling.”

By uniting customers, communities and soccer enthusiasts, the top sponsors, Digital Wallet Corporation, SUGI Pharmacy Group, along with other companies, and FC Kariya collectively strive to build a peaceful and international environment. This collaboration reflects the power of sports to surpass cultural barriers and create a sense of unity among diverse communities.

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