Smiles Mobile Remittance Indonesia Sponsors Warung Kita Cup 2023


Gifu, Japan – On Mar. 20, 2023, Digital Wallet Corporation’s Smiles Mobile Remittance Indonesia Team sponsored the annual Warung Kita Cup 2023 futsal event which was hosted by Warung Kita, a well-known Indonesian shop in Gifu. 

The game occurred in Gifu, Japan; around 70 people from Okayama, Aichi and Osaka came to play and support each other. Traditional Indonesian food was served at the game. 

This was an ideal opportunity for Smiles to get back out and reconnect with Indonesian communities since the weather is finally starting to warm up.

warung kita cup members

The futsal event is the second one that Smiles Indonesia has sponsored this year, with the first being the Gigashi Cup VII in Aichi, Japan.

Smiles Indonesia hopes to reconnect with other Indonesian communities in Japan and create new relationships with others this year. Also, the team plans to visit new areas around the country.

To learn more about Smiles Mobile Remittance Indonesia, check out its fan page.

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