Report of Donations for Medical Support of COVID-19


Our Efforts to Help Give Smiles for Everyone


Today, we have made direct donations to medical organizations in Japan, the Philippines, Vietnam, Indonesia, and other countries. It is mainly with the aim of contributing to the fight against the COVID-19; wherein, contributions have been coordinated with our mobile remittance service users.

More than 95% of our service users are foreigners residing in Japan; and, they have lived in harmony with the Japanese community thereby playing an important role in the Japanese economy. In coordination with our users from all over the globe, the purpose of this program is to help their countries as well as the Japanese society. This was made possible due to a very dynamic digital online service which has been efficient even in the midst of the lockdown circumstances.

As one of the planned activities, all users have made a certain amount of donation for every remittance made during the specified campaign period.  In related manner, Digital Wallet also made the same amount of donation.

In addition, it has been a delight receiving more donations from some users; thus, myself and our team members have also contributed personal donations.  As a result, a total of 1,100,000 JPY was raised over the campaign period which lasted for about three weeks. We have completed the transfer of funds to different institutions.   

These are the major recipients of our donations under the program.

  • Japanese Red Cross Medical Center (Tokyo)
    • The first hospital of Red Cross in Japan, established in 1886 which served as an advanced medical care center with highly trusted ER capabilities.  Now working as the front line force for COVID-19, especially for critical patients.  Myself, team members and family have been saved one way or the other by their service; and, this donation is to show our appreciation for their devoted and courageous services.
  • PGH Medical Foundation (Philippines)
    • A non-stock, non-profit organization which was conceived to assist the Philippine General Hospital (PGH) in achieving its noble mission of providing excellent health care.  PGH is the premiere government hospital serving more than 500,000 patients annually; ninety eight percent (98%) of whom, are indigents. Currently, it is designated as one of the COVID-19 hospitals in the Philippines.
  • The Central Committee of Vietnam Fatherland Front (Vietnam)
    • This is the highest organization of Vietnam Fatherland Front; and, known as the only government organization which is allowed to receive donations for COVID-19 victims.  The Vietnamese Fatherland Front is said to be an important part of the Vietnamese government.  This donation will support the poor people in Vietnam who were affected by COVID-19.
  • Dompet Dhuafa (Indonesia)
    • An Indonesian non-profit organization, established to raise the social dignity of the poor through ZISWAF (Zakat, Infaq, Almsgiving, Waqf, and other clean legal funds). The donation is frequently for Isolated Poor Families (Assistance, Daily Needs, Ambulance Service, etc)

It is with utmost satisfaction for our users and our team members (with various nationalities), that we have been able to fight the cross-border COVID-19 situation in one accord. In the post-corona era, wherein virus evolution has currently caused COVID-19; we shall emerge ourselves to effectively operate our services for the citizens of the world  regardless of nationalities and races.  We will make it a point that the evolution of Digital Wallet Corporation will be better in surpassing any virus. 

April 30, 2020

Eiji Miyakawa
CEO, Digital Wallet

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