Smiles Mobile Remittance, Japan’s most popular global money transfer service, is happy to introduce its new virtual bank account service to all customers from Sep. 28, 2022. This will allow customers to make instant deposits without the need to report on the Smiles app.


With this new feature on the app, each customer will be assigned their own unique virtual account. Each virtual account will be run through GMO Aozora Net Bank. Customers can still continue to do transactions using a Japan Post Bank account.


Registering for an account is simple and quick on the Smiles app. See the image below to understand the flow.

JP-Deposit - Virtual Bank

As soon as transaction details are delivered to the Smiles app, the deposited amount is immediately reflected on the user’s account. Compared to the normal depositing method, the new system has achieved increased functionality to almost real-time.


Another great feature about having a virtual account is that customers no longer need to report every deposit to the Smiles Wallet after each transaction. This will help users save time when they are preparing to send money overseas with the Smiles app.


See below for the comparison between using a Japan Post Bank or a virtual bank account to make a deposit:


  1. In the case of depositing through a virtual account 
  • Time needed to reflect payment: Near real-time to about 3 minutes
  • Deposit report after transfer: Not required


  1. In the case of depositing through a Japan Post Bank account
  • Time needed to reflect payment: Approximately 15 to 30 minutes (at minimum)
  • Deposit report after transfer: Required


For the past few years, Smiles has been working hard to make the remittance app the best experience for all of its customers. With another feature added to the app, Smiles is thrilled to see how else the app can be more convenient, fast and reliable for its hardworking customers.

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