Introducing the Redesigned Smiles Cards


Send money with style. Smiles Mobile Remittance’s cards now have a facelift and special features. The service has updated its Smiles Premium Remit Card to a sleek silver and changed its Smiles Premium Wallet Card to a gleaming gold design.

Smiles Premium Wallet Card

Smiles Premium Remit Card

Not only will customers be able to send money with their shiny new Smiles Cards, but they will also be able to remit with a handful of benefits.

The Smiles Premium Remit Card allows customers to send up to 1 million Japanese yen directly to their beneficiary. The best part is that it has the lowest fee of 450 Japanese yen every time a customer deposits through a Japan Post (Yucho) Bank ATM

As for the Smiles Premium Wallet Card, customers can directly deposit into their Smiles Wallet. The best part is that there’s no need to report every time. Just make a deposit at any Japan Post (Yucho) Bank ATM and you’re done. The maximum depositing amount is 1 million Japanese yen with a low fee of 450 yen. 

Ordering any Smiles Card is free and easy. Just open your Smiles Mobile Remittance app on your smartphone, tap on the “Menu” button, tap on “Smiles Card Management” and instantly choose your card.

To learn more about what other benefits Smiles can offer you, click here.

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