Digital Wallet Corporation Donates 1 Million JPY to Ishikawa Earthquake Relief Efforts, Supporting International and Local Communities


Tokyo, Japan, 12 January 2024 – In response to the devastating 7.6-magnitude earthquake followed by a tsunami that hit Ishikawa Prefecture’s Noto Peninsula on New Year’s Day, Digital Wallet Corporation (DWC), known as the owner and developer of Japan’s number one global mobile money transfer service, Smiles Mobile Remittance (Smiles), has taken quick action by donating 1 million Japanese yen to the Ishikawa government for earthquake relief.

According to Japan News, the earthquake has claimed over 200 lives, and as of January 9, more than 26 thousand survivors have taken refuge in evacuation centers. The devastating aftermath of the situation prompted the Ishikawa governor to announce that Prime Minister Kishida Fumio will be surveying the affected area this coming weekend. The aim is to evaluate the damages and determine the necessary support and assistance required for the Ishikawa community.

DWC is deeply connected to the community of Ishikawa through its numerous users who actively contribute to the local society. These individuals are considered to be essential to the community. 

“Our heartfelt wish is to witness a collective strength and unity within Ishikawa, supported by the strength of both local residents and the international citizens who form a vital part of the community,” expressed DWC Founder & CEO Eiji Miyakawa. 

“Recognizing the significance of our user base, we aim to channel our support and optimism specifically towards these valued customers and the local community. Demonstrating a tangible and meaningful connection to the region is very important to us.”

In light of the urgent needs of the international and local community, DWC has donated to the “2024 Noto Peninsula Earthquake Relief Fund” (2024年能登半島地震災害義援金). The donation aims to help those affected directly by the disaster, with a focus on assisting Smiles Mobile Remittance customers and the broader Ishikawa community.

Digital Wallet Corporation believes that joining hands as an international society results in quicker rejuvenation. It remains committed to supporting relief efforts for the people of Ishikawa during this challenging time.

To contribute to Ishikawa Prefecture’s earthquake relief efforts, visit their funds webpage.

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