International Money Transfer Service, Smiles Mobile Remittance, Receives 2021 Good Design Award


Smiles Mobile Remittance (Smiles), an international mobile remittance service developed by Digital Wallet Corporation (DWC), proudly receives the 2021 Good Design Award (sponsored by the Japan Institute of Design Promotion). Smiles is the first international remittance service to receive such an esteemed award.


Smiles is a service that supports the daily lifestyles of users who are globally active. Its functions eliminate the inconveniences of complicated procedures, long processing days, and high fees, which are common issues experienced by customers using other conventional remittance services. 

Our remittance app provides a fast, simple, and affordable international remittance service that allows customers to do the entire transaction with their smartphones anytime, anywhere. 

As a pioneer in redesigning international money transfer services with the latest technology, product design and business model, our app is the first in Japan to introduce online identity verification (eKYC) to simplify and secure procedures. 

We have always strived to provide premium services to meet various requests from customers. The Good Design Award is highly evaluated for the insatiable pursuit of quality of life for international remittance users working hard around the world.

Smiles will continue to create leading services that provide a better user experience with even greater speed and flexibility.

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About Smiles Mobile Remittance

Smiles Mobile Remittance is the most popular mobile international money transfer service in Japan, which is used by mainly foreigners living in Japan. Utilizing unique AI and FinTech technology, Digital Wallet Co., Ltd. develops and provides in-house services for smartphone applications, from registration to overseas remittances. DWC offers a service that customers can remit in instant and real-time transactions (within 15 minutes) and allows beneficiaries to receive money in about 160 countries and more than 300,000 locations overseas. Visit us at to learn more.


About Good Design Award

This is a design evaluation and promotion activity that represents Japan, inheriting the Good Design Product Selection System established in 1957. As a global design award in which many companies and organizations from Japan and overseas participate, it is held every year for the purpose of improving the quality of life and utilizing the design to solve social issues and themes. The award-winning symbol “G mark” is widely known as a symbol of excellent design. 


About Digital Wallet Corporation

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