Digital Wallet Corporation starts AEON Bank ATM CARD


AEON Bank ATM Card by Digital Wallet

Digital Wallet Corporation (Chiyoda-ku, Tokyo) will start offering AEON Bank ATM CARD, which can be used at AEON Bank ATMs throughout Japan, from April 1st, 2020 as a new and convenient service of Smiles Mobile Remittance, a mobile international money transfer service widely used mainly by foreigners living in Japan.

When the user makes a deposit from AEON Bank ATM using the card, the deposit to the User’s Smiles virtual account will be automatically reflected soon. 

There are approximately 6,000 Aeon Bank ATMs installed all over Japan (as of March 2020) that can use THE AEON Bank ATM CARD. They are located primarily in AEON Group supermarkets, the largest retail groups in Japan, as well as in shopping malls, convenience stores ; and also in some stations and airports throughout Japan. 

By using “AEON Bank ATM CARD”, users can enjoy the convenience of sending money to their beneficiaries using Smiles services in accordance to their own lifestyle, i.e, while shopping or strolling around or travelling.

About Mobile International Money Transfer Service, Smiles Mobile Remittance

“Smiles Mobile Remittance” is the most popular mobile international money transfer service in Japan, used by approximately 110,000 users, mainly foreigners living in Japan. Smiles is developed by in-house engineers and professionals by utilizing our unique AI and Fintech technology.  We provide services that users can use from smartphone apps anytime, anywhere, from service registration to remittance. It is possible to receive money transfers in approximately 150,000 locations in 157 countries overseas. 

About Digital Wallet Corporation

Digital Wallet is a Fintech company that provides mobile virtual Wallet services utilizing virtual Wallet platform and AI technology.
Digital Wallet is committed to serve its customers by creating new lifestyle and financial services using virtual Smiles Wallet. As an e-wallet service that supports the bonds between the international citizens living in Japan with their families from living outside Japan, we will continue to help to further enrich the lives of our customers.

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